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The Q4 Path

The path for all Q4 Questers begins with a simple 3-step discovery process to ensure that are work together will have a significant impact in your bottom line. (We define significant as having as moving the needle by 10K, 50K or even 100K in your business)If you're ready today Click the easy button below!

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Step 1

Discovery Call

This 15-minute, no-obligation call will allow you to talk with Papa Joe or one of our other trained coaches. This private, confidential call will enable us to mutually explore the potential compounding impact of incremental alignment on your bottom line.

(Even a 10% improvement in fundamental alignment can have a significant impact)

Step 2

Jumpstart 12 call

If our initial discovery call uncovers a significant benefit in your business through our work together, you may schedule a 12-point Alignment Assessment). With your 12-point assessment, you will gain clarity over the areas of your business that you can control today for maximum growth. Compare this to other assessments that cost thousands or more – this assessment may be one of the most significant meetings you have ever had.

We are so confident in our process that we continue to offer our assessment for a nominal fee. We know that if we can help you while your budget is tighter, we will grow together over the years as your growth allows you to reinvest yourself and our additional coaching services.

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Step 3

R3 Roadmap

Lastly, if your 12-point assessment uncovers specific areas that can be improved today and you are ready to commit to your growth, you have the option of becoming a Q4 Quester complete with your personal custom R3 Roadmap.

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Hop on calendar for a free 15-minute discovery and learn firsthand if our $77 assessment can uncover 10K, 100K or more in your business today!

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