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We are in the business of helping you become the hero to your audience that you were called to be.

People living out of alignment know it. Everything is more challenging than it needs to be, and success seems to be an elusive rainbow, always just out of reach.

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Alignment Story

People living out of alignment know it. Everything is more challenging than it needs to be, and success seems to be an elusive rainbow, always just out of reach.

People living in alignment also know it.  Not because life is easy but because persistence is rewarded with success and the journey, even when (especially when) it gets hard, still feels like a dream and a blessing.

So, ask yourself. “Am I living the dream or living out of alignment?”

For 20 years Q4 has served the financial and business community from 1-person startups to fortune 200 companies such as Lincoln Financial.  I am particularly partial to those we call RDO’s, or relation driven organizations. Those who sell intangibles, such as planning, advising, consulting, and education, sometimes called “P.A.C.E. setters”.

Why? Because these small business owners are the pebble in the pond whose impact ripples throughout our communities.


Story Continues

Plus, in additional to the everyday business challenges that all entrepreneurs face, this group also has the unique challenge of:

  • selling the invisible to a material world (intangibles)
  • preparing for the future in a world looking for immediate results (visionary),
  • seeking to incite positive change with a prideful audience generally set in their ways (catalyst or change agent).

The problem becomes trying to attract and serve new clients for this challenging group that often want one thing but needs another.

Story Continues

Traditional approaches, begin with the immediate want, and often end up being nearsighted treating the ailments rather than curing the disease.

For example:
If you want more traffic, (clients, prospects, or customers) traditional approaches might teach you how to cold call, canvas, network, rather than on how to have your ideal prospect find you. The result is that you end up manically trying to sell until you stressed and burnout or stuck and confused. Ultimately it did the opposite of helping you grow.

Yet what if you took the time to back up and get the root of why you were not getting all the traffic you could handle? That is what you need. Aligning and refining the want with the appropriate need not only fixes the immediate objective but it is sustainable and scalable because it’s an activity you will repeat.  What would happen if you could learn how to align your brand with the people who naturally need what you have and resonate with how and why you do it. You become magnetic, confident, and self-assured as you naturally attract the right people for your story.

Perhaps you have a good process for attracting your ideal client, but you need to earn more revenue (have more transaction or better margins with each relationship). Traditional methods might suggest ways to ask for referrals or position ancillary sales. Q4-Alignment however, teaches you to flip the script. Align your “I” with your customers “Why” and align what your customers want to what they need.  The result is they come to you like a dog to his owner…and…they come asking for more solutions and services.

In short.  Alignment allows you to become the voice for your called group of people - your tribe.  And every tribe finds their hero.

Four Questions

The good news is that there are only 4 questions you need to know to find get into alignment and to be the hero and champion that your tribe is waiting and looking for.

Four Questions

With these 4 questions applied using the Q4 Quest’s proven process you can transform yourself and your business.

  • Become, the hero to your ideal audience.  
  • These people need your superpower to champion their needs and they are willing to pay you to help them.
  • Unlike traditional solutions that treat the ailment rather than curing the disease and the result is that you keep burning through money to get new fads and your next fish rather than investing in yourself to learn how to fish and become sustainable and scalable. (Plus, you’ll eventually end up tired, lost, confused, burned out, and stressed).
  • Q4 goes right to the root of the challenge. Alignment, or lack thereof.
  • The result is that your clients or customers naturally gravitate to who you uniquely are and how your superpower can help them achieve their goals. Resulting in a wildly successful career helping your tribe get what they want.
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Our Leadership Team

Chris “Papa Joe” Cahill, Co-founder and Chief Vision Caster

Founding partner, author, and Marine, Chris Cahill, brings more than twenty years of experience as a consultant and fortune 200 director to each relationship. Chris provides the tools necessary for aligning your daily activities with your unique areas of giftedness. In short – he makes work fun and profitable!  Chris also has a master’s degree in pastoral counseling and spends a great deal of sharing hope and Love throughout the community through his non-profit and related out-reach programs and churches.Chris also has a bachelor’s degree in education and post-graduate certifications in Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS), Chartered Retirement Plan Counselor (CRPC), Chartered Retirement Planning Specialist (CRPS), and Certified Special Needs Advisor (CSNA). As Chris puts it, “Life is too short to not build a life where your handsomely paid for doing what you’re naturally good at and enjoy doing!”We help make that dream your reality!

Trevor ”Process Ninja”  Bonnell, Co-Founder and Operational Alignment Extraordinaire

Trevor Bonnell, co-founder, author, and resident Karate Master, prefers to use data over theory and brings his experience improving government and corporate efficiencies to each relationship. Combining his master’s degree and background in Industrial Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology) and Organizational Behavioral Management (OBM), he will help you implement incremental daily efficacies that have a compounding impact on your bottom line. Trevor brings not only his education and experience but through partners such as LPL, one of World's fastest growing E-Learning companies, he also leverages digital coaching network and related resources to bring you the best practices and infrastructure available.You will find that working with Q4 Trevor’s experience will help you quantifiably improve your business in 4 core areas: driving Traffic, increasing Transactions per customer, moving to higher ticket price points, and attracting, training, and retaining top Talent.


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“When you believe in your mission – the best interest is earned when you invest in yourself.”  - Papa Joe

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