At Q4 our mission is to be your pinnacle partner for profitability and growth.

Q4 bridges the science of efficient results with the heart that it takes to be passionate about your journey.  



Dollars & Dreams



...is a journey as much as a destination.

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Co-founder and Chief Vision Caster

Founding partner, author, and Marine, Chris Cahill, brings more than twenty years of experience as a consultant and fortune 200 director to each relationship. Chris provides the tools necessary for aligning your daily activities with your unique areas of giftedness. In short – he makes work fun and profitable! Chris also has a master’s degree in pastoral counseling and spends a great deal of sharing hope and Love throughout the community through his non-profit and related out-reach programs and churches. Chris also has a bachelor’s degree in education and post-graduate certifications in Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS), Chartered Retirement Plan Counselor (CRPC), Chartered Retirement Planning Specialist (CRPS), and Certified Special Needs Advisor (CSNA). As Chris puts it, “Life is too short to not build a life where your handsomely paid for doing what you’re naturally good at and enjoy doing!” We help make that dream your reality!


Co-Founder and Operational Alignment Extraordinaire

Trevor Bonnell, co-founder, author, and resident Karate Master, prefers to use data over theory and brings his experience improving government and corporate efficiencies to each relationship. Combining his master’s degree and background in Industrial Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology) and Organizational Behavioral Management (OBM), he will help you implement incremental daily efficacies that have a compounding impact on your bottom line. Trevor brings not only his education and experience but through partners such as LPW©, one of World’s fastest growing E-Learning companies, he also leverages digital coaching network and related resources to bring you the best practices and infrastructure available. You will find that working with Q4 Trevor’s experience will help you quantifiably improve your business in 4 core areas: driving Traffic, increasing Transactions per customer, moving to higher ticket price points, and attracting, training, and retaining top Talent.

Biker on Mountain Top

Most of our clients find that the difference between running your business as well as possible through Q4 can mean more confidence, more clarity, and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars!  In the words of Zig Ziegler, "See you at top."


It starts with the first step!


"I feel like my eyes have been open to a better way, and life."

-       Christina L. (Business Advisor)

"I continue to learn and grow from you and consider you an extension of my practice and family!"

-       Rick F. (Financial Company Owner)

"I work with agencies all over the country and your approach is truly genius!”

-       Misty G. (Director of National Sales.)