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Transform your business, into the hero your customers want.

Looking for more business with less effort through clarity? Learn how Q4 can transform you, meaning your business, into the hero your customers want, need and are looking for.


Four Benefits of Alignment.

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We believe in our process so much that if we can’t significantly improve your company’s sales, we don’t want to take your time or your money - BUT if we can impact your company significantly – we passionately believe that you deserve to benefit. Don’t you?

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“I work with agencies all over the country, and your approach, is truly genius!”
Misty G.
National Sales Director
“I feel like my eyes have been opened to a better way and life! Thank you!”
Christina L.
Business Consultant and Advisor
“I continue to learn from you and consider you an extension of my practice and my family!”
Rick F.
Financial Planner/Owner

Frequently asked questions.

Not like most Counselor’s

Counselors are often talk-heavy with little in the way of actual strategy or implementation.

Q4 – blends sales psychology with our advanced degrees in psychology, counseling, and organizational behavior, along with 20 years of real-world experience and best practices.

Not like most Consultants

Consultants are often strategy-heavy with little customization. This group was often part of a corporate team or focus and tends to see their niche as the best solution to any problem.

Q4 – focus is on alignment. Aligning your personal story and strengths with the needs of your unique audience. This strategy allows you to define a brand as unique as you are and highly magnetic to your ideal client.

Not like this year’s Fad-in-a-box

Every year or two, a new fad-in-a-box marketing idea comes out. Like repackaging last year’s 6-pack abs in 30 days in a new box and reselling it to the masses who are foolish enough to believe that there is a magic bullet that does not include real work and daily discipline.

Q4 – doesn’t pretend to be a quick fix. However, Q4 provides you with the confidence and clarity you need to take consistently take the next best step in the most efficient direction. After about 90 days of incremental but consistent adjustments or alignments in your process, you will start realizing compounding results that pay off far better than any get-rich-quick scheme could ever hope for.

Not a Big-Box

Big-box agencies are generally pretty good.  The problem is they can also be large and expensive. Small businesses need one-on-one help customized to their situation rather than feeling like a number. Plus – most small business leaders are on a shoestring marketing budget and need results that work fast without paying an arm and a leg.

Q4 – aims to bring effective strategies to market in the most efficient way possible.  We believe small business owners are the backbone of this great county. Likewise, we are in the business of equipping you, the small business leader, with tools that you can afford to do today, NOT only after you have made your millions.

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